Bioinformatics, genomics & pipelines

Bioinformatician at University of Cambridge with Prof Chris Wallace and Prof Ken Smith, working on the INTREPID project.

Wasp Bioinformatician artwork

Summer 2020: Artwork by Raphaella Jackson (check her Instagram @alanin_artwork)

Until recently, I was specialising in social insects comparative genomics and transcriptomics to understand the evolution of social organisation, from the field (1%) to the lab (1%) and the cluster (98%). My PhD was in ant genomics in London at Queen Mary University of London in Yannick Wurm’s lab. My postdoc at UCL with Prof Seirian Sumner explored data and develop pipelines to understand the origins of sociality in the wasps and the bees.

I also keep an eye on Batten disease literature, see our French outreach website on CLN3 disease.