Evolution, bioinformatics, genomics & social insects

I am an evolutionary biologist, currently finishing a PhD in ant genomics in London at Queen Mary University of London in Yannick Wurm’s lab. My PhD project title is One or multiple ant queens? The genetic architectures underlying convergent evolution of a fundamental social trait. Read more about what I have been up to in a Myrmecological News interview.

checking ant art in Nantes

December 2018: Checking out the local ant art in Nantes

I am interested in understanding molecular mechanisms underlying speciation, adaptation, interactions between species.

My current model system is the group of social insects: ants, bees, wasps. I am fascinated by all evolutionary dynamics, such as costs and benefits of phenotypic and molecular evolution, sex and no-sex evolution, origins of selfish elements, evolutionary consequences on complex ecosystems tempered by human activities, ecology and evolution of host-parasite interactions, interactions between the genome and environment, diseases caused by genetic changes (see our French outreach website on Batten disease).