Evolution, bioinformatics, genomics & social insects

Bioinformatics PostDoc at University College London with Prof Seirian Sumner, I am currently specialising in social insects comparative genomics and transcriptomics to understand the evolution of social organisation, from the field (5%) to the lab (10%) and the cluster (85%). Within an international collaboration (UK, USA, Canada) I am responsible to explore data and develop pipelines to understand the origins of sociality in the wasps and the bees.

Wasp Bioinformatician artwork

Summer 2020: Artwork by Raphaella Jackson (check her Instagram @alanin_artwork)

I was recently awarded a PhD in ant genomics in London at Queen Mary University of London in Yannick Wurm’s lab. My PhD project title is One or multiple ant queens? The genetic architectures underlying convergent evolution of a fundamental social trait. Read more about what I was doing in a Myrmecological News interview and The Biologist’s A Day in the Life of.

I also keep an eye on human biology literature, see our French outreach website on Batten disease.