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  • 2019 - ongoing: Postdoc in Seirian Sumner’s lab.
  • 2015 – 2019: PhD in ant genomics, QMUL. Supervisors: Dr Yannick Wurm and Dr Max Reuter. NERC-funded Doctoral Training Programme.
  • 2013 - 2014: MRes Biosystematics at Imperial College London & Natural History Museum, London (NHM).
  • 2008 - 2011: BSc Environmental Sciences at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford 1st Class (Hons).


  • Bioinformatics skills tailored for statistics and variant calling. Depending on needs, analyses conducted on my own computer or high performance computer:
    • R statistical package
    • Bash
    • Version control system
    • De novo genome assembly
    • Variant calling
    • GWAS
    • Population genomics
  • Wet lab skills tailored for sequencing (short and long reads). Depending on needs, I follow established protocols/kits, or design my own:
    • DNA extraction and QC
    • Primer selection
    • Library preparation for microsatellite and whole-genome sequencing (Illumina and MinION)

Talks & posters

  • Sept 2018: invited talk for Ramírez’s group, UC Davis, California (USA)
  • Sept 2018: invited talk at Social Insect Research Group, Arizona State University, Arizona (USA)
  • Sept 2018: talk at NERC DTP conference A Changing Planet, in London
  • Aug 2018: poster at joint ESEB and Evolution conference, in Montpellier (France)
  • Aug 2018: talk at IUSSI Brazil, in Guaruja (Brazil)
  • Mar 2018: invited talk for the UCL GEE Seminar, in London
  • Aug 2017: poster at ESEB congress, in Groningen (Netherlands)
  • June 2017: talk at Evolution conference, in Portland, Oregon (USA)
  • Feb 2017: poster at QMUL SBCS Postgraduate Symposium, in London
  • Jan 2017: talk at PopGroup, in Cambridge
  • Dec 2016: talk at North-West section of IUSSI Winter Meeting, in London
  • Sept 2016: poster at NERC DTP conference Perspectives on Environmental Change, in London


Grants, honours & awards

  • 2018: QMUL PostGraduate Research Fund for Arizona & California fieldtrip - £1200
  • 2018: IUSSI North-Western Section grant to organise a symposium at IUSSI Brazil – £1000
  • 2018: Royal Entomological Society grant to organise a symposium at IUSSI Brazil - £450
  • 2018: Royal Society of Biology grant to organise a symposium at IUSSI Brazil - £500 PDF report
  • 2017: Genetics Society grant to give a talk at PopGroup - £150
  • 2017: Genetics Society grant to present a poster at ESEB - £624
  • 2015: PhD Scholarship from London NERC DTP - £7500
  • 2014: Royal Entomological Society grant to present a poster at 2nd Young Natural History Scientists’ Meeting (2014, France)
  • 2013: Scholarship awarded from Entente Cordiale (Masters of Research)
  • 2013: Study grant from Ruby and Will George Trust (Masters of Research)  


  • Sept 2016 - Ongoing: Teaching assistant for 8 cohorts of QMUL Undergraduates and Masters classes, including Fieldwork (Tropical Ecology in South Africa), Bioinformatics (R Basics, Advanced R, Bash for Genomics), Basic Biology lab skills (dilution, microscopy, PCR).
  • Dec 2017: Lecturer during Undergraduate Tropical Ecology Module in South Africa (Wildlife and Human Interactions)
  • Jan - Aug 2017: Design and Supervising Master student project. With Gino Brignoli, focussing on social organisation of yellow meadow ants, involving fieldwork and genetic analyses.


  • 2019: Science pen pal with a US-based student (Letters to a Pre-Scientist)
  • 2018: QMUL Festival of Communities in London
  • 2017: Science SoapBoax volunteer in Brighton
  • 2014: NHM Researchers’ Night in London
  • 2013: NHM Big Nature Day in London

Collaborative Project Organisation

  • 2018: Organising the QMUL Festival of Communities outreach day among a small team of PhD students, specialising in equipment, transport, people logistics.
  • 2017 – 18: Leading our conference committee to organise a symposium during the international congress IUSSI Brazil, specialising in writing symposium abstract, selecting and reaching out to all speakers including keynote speaker, co-chairing the symposium.
  • 2016 – ongoing: Leading our monthly review of published articles, in which each lab member is responsible to summarise 3 journals’ current issue.

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