I was invited to present my research in a London pub - so much fun! This was an event organised by Pint of Science, encouraging scientists to share their projects to local pub goers.

talk The Ivy House Pub hosted us for the event. Photo credit: Dr Cintia Oi

The mission of this international science festival is simple: share a drink and exchange science facts. Each local pub, café or communal space hosts an evening of talks for the local audience. I really like it because the event is breaking down potential barriers between the academic world and local community.

I was thrown in front of an unknown crowd, not unlike SoapboxScience. Within twenty minutes, I could explain my current research: how to use genomics to understand the evolution of social organisation. I decided to include few stories from fieldwork - this often what captures people’s attention. I also explored ideas around evolutionary times: this is what keeps me happy in my job and I always break it down in small chunks of knowledge that is easy to reach for an interested teenager. I aimed to keep the slides simple: the audience could easily visualise data to derive insights.

This was a fantastic event with many questions from the keen audience. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would recommend to attend these events! Find your next local Pint of Science here for 22-24 May 2023.